High Quality Barn Style Backyard Chicken Coops

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  1. raleighcoopchick

    raleighcoopchick New Egg

    May 14, 2009
    I am a stay at home mom who also has backyard chickens. After looking everywhere for an attractive and well-made new coop I decided to just make it. So many people have commented on the coop and run and asked me to buy one so now I have turned it into a part time job! Please check us out at www.RaleighCoops.com . Thanks so much![​IMG]
  2. Chickenmaven

    Chickenmaven Chillin' With My Peeps

    Feb 6, 2009
    Really cute coops! Congrats on this business. [​IMG]
  3. DuckyBoys

    DuckyBoys Chillin' With My Peeps

    Apr 2, 2008
    WOW - I really like it! So you deliver it as freight and we put it together? And all that is included for $600?

    I'm very interested...sending you a PM.

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