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  1. The neighbors dog killed one of my nesting ducks. So in a panic I went and bought an incubator. I thought I had it adjusted but the temp got to 120. What are the chances of survival? Not sure how long the temp was that high.
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    It depends on how long it was high. The egg may have not even gotton that hot.

    But... being you don't know, you'll just have to wait it out, and candle in a few days. Look

    for signs of movment. I do understand this was an emergency, and you wanted to get the

    eggs in there ASAP, but to prevent this from happening again, next time you get ready for

    incubation, get the incubator to point where it's ready for eggs, but let it run for 8-24

    hours before putting the eggs in, and check on it on and off to be sure the temperature

    won't fluctuate. Putting the incubator away from doors, windows, AC vents, and drafty

    ereas will also help with temperature fluctuations. ( Going over stuff you probably already know [​IMG] )

    If the eggs made it, depending on how hot the eggs actually got, you

    may have a bit of an early hatch. I'm very sorry about your dear hen.

    And hoping your eggs are OK [​IMG]

    What day are the eggs on by the way?

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  3. Thanks, I thought I had it set but we had the power go out last night and I didn't take into count the cool down while the power was out.

    I have one more ? It says to stop turning them 3 days before hatch, I have no idea how far along these eggs are my other hens are farther along and ready to hatch but I am not sure when she started sitting on these because they were hidden in a wood pile. Any info would help. I have 14 eggs and I don't want to lose them.
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    I would just turn them until you hear peeping. :)

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