High-test treat for hens


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Jul 5, 2008
I would like to buy some super-nutrition for my hens. Has anyone here ever fed their chickens barley grass powder, wheat grass powder or alfalfa powder? This is human-grade stuff I am referring to.


I could use some advice on the Search function here. If I type in "wheat grass powder" I get tons of results for each individual word, not the total phrase. Can anyone advise?
In my opinion, the search function on this site is beyond useless. In most normal search engines, one could type in " wheat + grass + powder" and get linked directly to the exact place (page) where all three of those terms were used together. However, HERE you get linked to page number one of many different threads, some of which have hundreds of entries.... have fun searching through all THAT mess! Best of luck to you!
BTW, it would probably be easier just to type your search words into google, it should bring up the exact location on BYC of those terms.

You are absolutely correct! Tks. I found some reference to the grain grasses. FWIW, I am none too computer-savvy.

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