High Wind Dangers

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    Aug 2, 2012
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    Has anyone ever worried about their coop blowing over in high winds? I have a movable coop (not willing to keep it in one place) about 4x8x4. http://www.henspa.com/Henspa Features.htm We can sometimes get sustained winds during a storm of 40mph with guests to 60+mph. The coop weighs about 300 lbs but I am still really concerned about it blowing over some nights. I also want to raise it up off the ground on wheels to give the Hens some shade come the summer. I am concerned that with the added height that it will be even more unstable.

    Is this all an unfounded fear or should I be legitimately concerned? Any suggestions on how to add stability WITHOUT making it unmovable?
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    Nov 7, 2012
    Altamont, KS
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    My Coop
    I understand your concern. My coop is 4x4x6 and we had a bad storm a few weeks ago with a tornado touching down a few houses down the road. It threw my coop 25 feet and slammed it into the fence. Now I try to stake it down if the weather will be high.

    Mine is movable too.
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    I always worry - or at least I used to. It's pretty windy here in Kansas and my coop is quite exposed. It's also tall - fortunately it is bottom heavy. The ground where it sits is quite rocky underneath - I can't drive posts more than maybe 4". So, on the north and south sides I poured concrete footings and a ring inserted. I then ran a chain from the ring to the bottom of the coop and attached it there. It might move a little but it will never go over.

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