Higher protein diet during molt

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Reinbeau, Dec 18, 2009.

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    I bought some game bird feed for the higher protein content while the birds are molting. Some of them look all filled out, but the rest are either in the midst of it or just starting. I'm mixing the game bird with their regular crumbles. How long do you think I should feed them this mix? Their egg production is way down, only one or two eggs every other day from 14 hens. I don't want to compromise their need for calcium if they're going to ramp up egg production anytime soon, should I just supplement with oyster shell? Experts, what do you think?
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    Supplement with oyster shell or limestone calcium. Add part of a can of salmon a couple times a week to get them all the way over the molt. I don't keep them on game bird feed during the molt, but alternate between that and layer pellets, but I do add scrambled eggs and fish for some of the worst molters. You can keep them on the mix you're using till most are over the molt or permanently, Ann. The Game Bird Breeder/Layena is 20% protein and has enough calcium for layers, just a little less than regular chicken layer feed. They could stay on that forever.
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    Ah, thanks, Cynthia, good to know. I'm thrilled that finally the Golden Laced Wyandottes are getting feathers, they have been literally bare backed since the summer of 08, they never grew new feathers with Stumpy around, but now, they're finally going to look like normal chickens. The EEs are fully feathered out and look lovely, only one RIR is done, the other two look moth-eaten [​IMG] and the Barred Rocks are in the midst of the worst of it. The new roo is small enough that he doesn't do any damage to them, heck, he can't even have his way with the BRs or the BOs, they're too big for him!

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