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  1. MysticScorpio82

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    May 2, 2009
    Maine, USA
    Hello, My name is Amy! I have been following this forum for about a month now, and today I decided to finally join. Everyone on here is so friendly and knowledgable.

    I didn't grow up on a farm, and only animals I had were dogs cats and ferrets. Once I reached adulthood I had a dream and a longing to farm, to own land and live off it. For me, chickens are the second step to becoming a farmer, since I have no experience I didn't want to just dive into the middle of everything. My husband and I own 2.75 acres and we have been farming veggies and blueberries for 2 years for self use and to give to family. Well last week I ordered my first batch of chickens!! 25 buff Orpingtons from McMurray's Hatchery. They are due to arrive in late June. Next summer I plan to start participating in the local farmers market and sell some eggs, and veggies (once I expand my gardens), so I can start getting my feet wet. My goal is to find more land and have a real farm in the next 10 years.

    Since I am very very new to this and chickens, I know I am going to ask alot of questions and be on the forum ALOT. Lol I hope i don't bug you too much [​IMG] hehe.
  2. NewHopePoultry

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    Apr 9, 2007
    [​IMG] from Missouri
  3. B. Saffles Farms

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    Nov 23, 2008
    Madisonville, TN
    [​IMG] from TN
  4. Rusty's Ranch

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    Mar 25, 2009
    So Cal
    Welcome from California [​IMG]
  5. ranchhand

    ranchhand Rest in Peace 1956-2011

    Aug 25, 2008
    Hi Amy, nice to see a new member! [​IMG] from South Carolina!
  6. Ridgerunner

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    Feb 2, 2009
    Northwest Arkansas
    Welcome as an active member of this forum. If you are gardening, you might want to check out the EasyGarden forum at the bottom of this page. We'd love to have you over there as well as here.
  7. b.hromada

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    [​IMG] Amy and [​IMG] from S. Florida.
  8. The Chicken Lady

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    Apr 21, 2008
    West Michigan
    [​IMG], Amy!

    Glad to have you here! [​IMG]

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