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    ....isn't fun when you're trying to build a chicken coop. [​IMG] Started building my 12X8 coop this morning. Thank goodness my neighbor has a small bucket tractor. I would have been out there digging till the cows come home, and we don't even have any...[​IMG] [​IMG]

    He dug out some of the hill, but there's still a lot of little spots that need leveling and special attention. My father and I got the corners square, level, and lagged together. Only 5 more floor timbers to go...[​IMG] [​IMG]




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    in our neighborhood that's considered gently rolling, piece of cake. you'r lucky to have such a large "flatish" area to work with. our chickens have one leg longer than the other to compensate.


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    Looks great so far! I thought by the sounds of it you were building on the side of a mountain or something. :eek:
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    Tell me about it, a good level is definitely a must!
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    It's actually very deceiving. If you look in the 3rd pic, we were originally going to put it in-between those three trees. However from there, an 8' timber would drop 26 inches! It was impossible to dig because of the roots. So I moved it down the hill a touch and it's now only about 16 from one end to the other.
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    Quote:hahahahahaha it is indeed a must. [​IMG]

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