Hilltop Farm / BYC Swap / Sale, Sat. November 15th, Dunnellon, Fl


Hilltop Farm
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Nov 18, 2007
My Coop
My Coop
Saturday May 15th.
9AM till 2-ish PM
3850 W Woodlawn St
Dunnellon, FL
Click here for a ---> MAP
There is plenty of room for parking.

We are looking forward to meeting as many BYC members that can come. Also you may bring friends along. If there are any BYC members thinking of coming to Florida during the month of May and would like to attend, PLEASE COME. Don't forget to bring a camera...

Weather won't be an issue (rain or shine) as we can put everything in the barn. Also, we have shade. Hopefully it will be a nice day...
Also we will have some cold drinks & sloppy joes. If anyone wants to bring a favorite dish, please do.

We were very happy and had a great turnout at our last swap (Sat. Jan 16th). Hopefully this swap will be just as successful.

Heather (Sillystunt) has suggested May 12th which is her Birthday, so we can have NORTH CENTRAL FLORIDA-Hilltop Farm/BYC/Heather (Sillystunt) Birthday Swap. Since May 12th is on a Wed. we have set the date for the swap for Saturday May 15th.

We thought we could have a Fun Match. A Fun Match is where everybody get some tickets and envelopes will be attached to cages of the animals of people who would like to show their animals. People will put their tickets into the envelopes of the animals they like the best. The one with the most tickets in their envelope wins the show.
Also we will be having a raffle. We will be raffling off some Layer Feed and Chick Feed. Heather (Sillystunt) will pick the winning tickets.

What can you bring to swap or sell? Chickens, hatching eggs, other poultry, supplies, other animals and crafts or other items for sale.
There will be water, electricity if needed for heat for those bringing chicks, and a restroom.

If you have pictures of birds or other items you plan on bringing to our swap and would like to post them, please do so. As an old saying goes, "one picture is worth 1000 words".
If you’d like to list what you may have (or plan to have) for sale or swap, I will be updating this list fairly regularly. You can either PM or e-mail me with updates at http://www.Hilltop-Farm.com/contactus.htm or [email protected]

***Here is the list of what some BYC members can tentatively bring and also what they are looking for***
ladybug4ut1: Goslings, peababies, ducks and chickens. Maybe Pigeons and quail.
cmom: Cages
Fluffy-Butt-Farms: a couple bcm and blue maran chicks
A.T. Hagan: White Midget turkeys, two 1-year-old White Midget toms
Ra_: 3 week old Muscovies and some 4 week old Standard Old English Game chicks
poultryhaven: Seramas, Serama eggs and chicks, maybe a few other breedsL
caglemedic: Looking for a Gander can be a youngin'!
Wanting a showgirl hen and maybe a old english rooster in black.
I will have a few black turkens available but mostly want to buy things!!!!
3chickens: Marans hens, Marans Roo
2 solid white easter eggers hens/pullet waiting on that first egg
1 EE/Marans cross just layed her first egg lite brown
maybe some partridge silkies depending on hatch (Bobbi Porto lines)'
floridamama: Sillystunt (Heather) & cake
iranonymous: I have a few serama babies to thin out(if I can figure what sex they are and how much they should be.They are feathered now, raised from incubator) Also seeking a few sizzles.
ConchRepublic & Shadowhills Farm: We decided to cut down our flock.
A Key West Gypsy gamecock
A BCM that lays light colored eggs instead of chocolate colored
A Black JG pullet that should be laying soon
A Blue Splash Maran from Bev Davis that has some copper feathers poking through the blue splash
A Cochin-Silkie mix
3 Pekin Ducks
*We also have a few chicks that just feathered out not to long ago. They are:
Gold Seabright roo
Silver Seabright pullet
Dark Brahma pullet (we think)
2 Light Brahmas
2 GLWs
Black Japanese
Cochins (2 Gold laced, Red, and a partridge)
Partridge Rock
We also have a Frizzled Cochin sitting on about a dozen eggs (not sure of the exact number, she's nippy lol). If anyone would be interested in hatching them and be able to get them in an incubator within a half hour can buy them, or we can just let them hatch and you can have your pick.
trinacliff: Mille Fleur bantam cochin project chicks - if I can decide who to part with
Lavender bantam cochin chicks - looks like a cockerel and pullet
Porcelain D'uccle chicks - out of SQ parents
Lavender D'uccle chicks
Golden Sebright chicks - out of SQ parents
Most will be close to sexable since they are all several weeks old. Only a few of each breed/color will be available.
Mr_fixit_77: Black copper maran two month old chicks and someother mixed chicks. We might bring some black copper maran eggs too....
jim&julie: I plan on bringing Coturnix Quail: Chicks fertile eggs and Adult breeders. I will have RIR and Easter Egger Chicks all females with a couple Roosters of each.
We have feather legged Wheaten chicks out of prize winning show stock and #6-#8 eggs. Also some Black Copper, Blue ,Splash and Cuckoo Maran Chicks.
If we have time I may bring some dressed quail to go with our own killer Barbeque Sause.

Let me know if you want me to hold anything for you.
Sillystunt: oegb spangled babies!!!!!
High Roost Ranch: Moving-Sale. I have Serama roos listed on my website (http://www.highroostranch.com/forsale.htm) that I will bring if they haven't sold. Also a pair of Araucana bantams, the hen is direct from Ann Charles (on my website, if they don't sell before hand). Prices on website birds are on the page. I also have several XL brown eggers that I'll bring (only hens, please give them a good layer home, they'll produce well for you), one cute little araucana cross roo that needs new girlfriends (I sold his harem). 2 Bourbon Red turkey poults. Araucana chicks. Two 8 month old BBR Key West Gypsy Chicken pairs. A white dove (think it's a boy) and a harlequin american budgie (white with blue & black markings, he doesn't step up but if you pick him up he's a sweetie). Two muscovy drakes, one a black and one a loud blk/wh pied. Hatching eggs: From my bantam brahmas-dark, light & buff, depending on who lays, they are top quality brahmas, the buffs are our good show line (Champ Featherleggers), the lights and darks are direct Arbuckle & Rust. Bantam Araucana hatching eggs from our rumpless (except a double tufted hen) and some tufted flock. Modern bantam eggs from our show birds in Red Pyle, Black, Splash & Blue if they lay. And maybe call duck eggs from our calls if they lay any between now and Saturday morning. Serama eggs if I have any. Two bunnies-a REW Lionhead buck and a non-lopped mini lop girl. Both are pets. I have BLR Wy bantams, overloaded with boys. They are of course in all shades, BLR, Splash, and in between. You have to take a splash in order to get a better marked boy, that's the catch.
And I have two black cochin bantam cockerels and one black cochin pullet. These are all coming on 4 months old. (Will maybe add more as I look at who's left).


[email protected]
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Hilltop Farm
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Nov 18, 2007
My Coop
My Coop
If we have enough interest, we'll have a poll of dates, so pick the month and date that is best for you.
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Nov 13, 2007
Central Florida
I will be there I woudl look toward March or April. I will definately be there and more stuff then.....I will have this year goslings, peababies, ducks and chickens. Maybe Pigeons and quail.



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Jan 19, 2009
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I will definitely be attending!!!!

What about like March 20th or 27th? That way people can have time to hatch out chicks after Eric's swap.
I hope you host another one. It was an awesome turnout!

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