Hinged Chicken Door (plans or pics)


Apr 9, 2010
Glasgow, KY
I am struggling to design a little chicken door that is slightly recessed to minimize the water draining inside and I'll put a frame around the outside for cosmetic purposes.

I'm wondering how to do this.

I'm thinking that I cut a hole in the wall and make a 2x4 frame inside to mount the door.

I want the door hinged to open up and I'll latch it up at the top.

I am beating my head over how this would be put together.

Anyone out there with HELP and/or PICS?? Please?

This is NOT what you asked for, but the word "recessed" caught my eye. If you haven't considered a sliding door, here's the one I put in my bantam coop. It's recessed, which is nice, because it helps keep water out when it rains. The door is inside, but I put it on a pulley (just through eye bolts) that runs outside, so I open and close it from outside the coop...


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