Hinkjc Black Orpington Cockerels - 11 wks [pending pickup]

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    Aug 20, 2010
    These are pending pick up. I have someone who is supposed to be picking these pretty boys up, and will take down this listing when they do.

    Don't BID, PM me instead.

    Free to someone who can pick up in the Houston, Texas area.

    HinkJC's Black Orpington little roos. These guys are so pretty and so sweet I hate to get rid of them but I need only one roo from this hatching. They are much bigger than my hatchery orps were at the same age.

    PM me if you'd like one or both. I'd rather eat them until I've discovered if anyone wants them for breeding first since they are good breeder quality birds. They're a bit small for that just yet anyway.


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