His cardboard sign simply said "Just Hungry"

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  1. Feathered Wings

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    Oct 9, 2008
    I hope this touches someones heart and makes them think next time they see someone in need.

    My today was not the usual feeding animals and tending to things i had been short of breath and feeling bad the day before so i was going to the doctor early this morning.
    I was up early to feed my young chicks and my husband stayed home to drive me to the doctor he worries when i'm sick.
    Got to the docs and found out i had a respiratory thing and he wrote out me a prescription i joked with him about giving him a turkey.
    Paid for my office visit and headed to the grocery picked up some soup and something easy to fix for supper.
    Then to wally world to get my prescription filled and pickup some necessities not my idea of fun feeling bad as i did.
    But there was still the feed store to go to and feed to buy i looked at my shrinking money in my wallet and complained.
    Hit the feed store and picked out 3 bags of different feed and didn't have enough to pay i had just $20 and it wasn't Friday yet so as it is sometimes i used my credit card.
    Standing in line my stomach made that familiar growl of hunger it had been a while since breakfast and i was getting hungry.
    Loaded the vehicle and told my hubby it's time to get home and have some lunch and get my meds taken.

    Pulling up to the intersection we took a left and as we got to the entrance to wally world there sitting on the curb was a man in a black coat and a baseball cap.
    I looked intently as we got closer to him and i saw he was holding a cardboard sign.
    A small simple cardboard sign that read these heart wrenching words "JUST HUNGRY" and in small letters in the corner "Thank You".

    I thought my heart was going to break right then and there so many emotions flooded my mind and i told my husband we need to give him something.
    I said we have to go back we have to do something i was just so hurt by those words on that sign "Just Hungry"
    My husband said give him what you feel you should and i opened my wallet and took out $10.
    We turned around and went back in the lot and we had to make a u turn in the lot to get back to him.
    I saw cars passing him and looking and thought "How could they not help!"

    We pulled up beside him on the curb and i rolled down my window to hand him the $10 and as he noticed me he rose up and i could see he was a man of maybe 40 with blue eyes and his face was pale and drawn but when he saw the money His Face "lite up" and he said "OH! Thank You" I could tell by his tone and expression that he appreciated it so much.
    I said God Bless You and He said to me God Bless You and we drove away.

    I started crying and my husband ask me what was wrong i said that touched my heart and very soul to see him there with that sign "Just Hungry"
    I cried the entire trip home and the man was heavy on my heart and soul and i prayed for him.
    My husband said you are a wonderful kind woman God will bless you for this.
    I said NO! I do not! want to be blessed for this i said I want him to blessed because he needs it i don't.
    I just kept repeating the sign "Just Hungry" and how that was all he wanted.
    I cried and cried and wondered did anyone else stop?
    Was the $10 enough to help him should i have done more?

    I'm sobbing as i write this and I'm still hoping and praying for that dear man that God will bless him and give him what he needs.

    I hope someday we will live in a society where no one has to sit on a curb and proclaim to the world that they are "Just Hungry"

    I will always remember him and his sign " Just Hungry"
  2. agnes_day

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    Aug 29, 2008
    not to rain on your parade, and i think that was a sweet thing to do..but i have seen so many people with the same sign. in fact, i saw one the other day, and when i said i was sorry that i didnt have money but i would get him a sandwich, he told me to "blank" myself and gave me the finger.
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  3. Wildsky

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    Oct 13, 2007
  4. rainplace

    rainplace Interstellar Duck Academy

    The thing is most of the time you never know. I would rather get taken in by a scam, than to not help a needing person.

    You did the right thing. You followed your heart and did what God asks us to do.
  5. Chef

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    Dec 16, 2008
    Wow! If you lived were I live you would be BROKE in no time! There is one of those on every corner.

    Very nice of you though!

  6. ScoobyRoo

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    Aug 21, 2008
    Land of OZ
    Sometimes I'm leary of those with signs. There are places to go that feed the needy. I have been told that those people at intersections make a ton of $$ just holding up a sign. I just wanted you to know that.
    This is a fact, I have seen the same man at a Wal-mart intersection numerous times and across the street is a McDonald's hiring. Figure that one out for me.[​IMG]
    It is great that we do have people like you out there that care.
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  7. debilorrah

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    Quote:I always offer food, never money. Though I DID appreciate the guy whose sign said "I won't lie - I need a beer".
  8. chickn

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    Apr 15, 2008
    New Hampshire
    Quote:I always offer food, never money. Though I DID appreciate the guy whose sign said "I won't lie - I need a beer".


    i think she did what was right for her.
  9. TexasVet

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    Nov 12, 2008
    Willis TX
    I hate to rain on your parade, but this type of begging is no longer allowed in some cities because there are so many scammers out on the street. First, it's dangerous for them to hold up traffic in intersections. And second, some have been caught on film walking back to their car, pocketing the money, and tossing the sign into the trunk.

    Another scam is to ask for gas money. They got $20 from my elderly Aunt by claiming that they needed to buy gas so they could get to the doctor's office.

    The pros say that you should either offer to follow them to gas station and pay for the gas, or go to the store with them to pick up the tab. Most of the time, they'll give you every reason under the sun that cash is better. And, of course, you can always tell them to stay where they are while you call the police or a charity for assistance.

    I hate to be hard hearted, but I've been burned.

    Kathy, Bellville TX
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  10. redhen

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    May 19, 2008
    Western MA
    Thats happend to me before too..a couple of times..
    I worked at Pizza Hut and found a man going through our dumpster for food. I started to give him my lunches/pizzas from there daily. Till my boss caught me and said i couldnt do it anymore. [​IMG]
    So..then i complained enough..and my boss finally said that he'd try to donate all the left over food nightly to ths shelter..
    He did it for a little whhile..then his bosses found out and they made him stop... (probably liability reasons) [​IMG]

    And another time in Springfield, we had just gone through Mcdonalds drive through..
    and were pulling out onto the road..and there was a guy that had a sign also..
    So of course i handed him my bag of unopened food.

    I hate, hate to see someone go hungry..there is no need for it to EVER happen in this country..and yet it still does. Dont get me started on that subject.. [​IMG]

    Youre a sweet lady.. [​IMG]

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