His waddles aren't growing? And his feet are weird.

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    I didn't know where to place this.
    He is an 8 month old (perhaps older, I lost count) silkie rooster. Very sweet and perfect for traveling. He does have leakage in his hackle feathers, also a wee bit on his head feathers (I don't know if that has anything to do with it). His color is black, or maybe blue.. Sometimes I see brown in there. His comb has grown out quite a bit. His earlobes are kinda small, and they have purple on them? I thought they were supposed to be blue?
    His waddles are red but haven't grown out at all.
    Oh and his feet. Regular 5 toes and all, but ... I'm not sure if it's scaly leg mites or not. We got rid of his lice infestation months ago, his feet were fine then. I check him every week for eggs or for bugs, those reddish orange ones! But he never has them. But his feet, they look .. Dry? There's this white clumpy stuff on his leg scales, I did pick at it before and he did show some discomfort, but I managed to get a bit off and it looked like there was this soft layer of (skin?) underneath. No blood though. And some of his scales are pushing upwards. Should I soak his feet in something?
    I have to add he goes looney on me when I give him baths. He loses all his balance and I never have him in deep water! Just a detachable shower hose, shampoo (for lice and ticks), and a small container with warm water that only goes up to his chest. Plus he must hate it since he never holds still. Any tricks on feet soaking would be nice..
    I will post pictures of his feet tomorrow. So any answers to my question would be greatly appreciated [​IMG]
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    You need to put some type of oil (mineral, vegetable, baby...) or vaseline on his legs and repeat in a few days and then again in a few more. It won't hurt him and if he has scaly leg mites it will smother them.

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