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    Jul 30, 2008
    I'm a little scared of histoplasmosis...I have chicks in the house (7 chicks, all are almost 7 weeks).

    I was just in the basement moving the chicks into a bigger brooder and when I lifted the old one I noticed some dust, poo and shavings that had been caught under the plastic that was under the newspaper. It was a significant amount. When I cleaned it the dust was everywhere...

    I didn't grow up around chickens or farm animals, I've never even held a chicken until we got our first ones less than a year ago.

    I only recently found out about histoplasmosis so I've done lots of coop cleaning, brooder cleaning, etc. without thinking twice about being exposed to anything harmful.

    Could someone ease my mind? I'm a little scared and worried because I also have had my toddler around the coops and brooder while I'm cleaning.

    I know wearing a mask is an option, but when I'm cleaning outside I don't want to give my neighbors cause for concern.
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    IF somebody should be dead from it, it's me. Before I had the bright idea of putting sand in our coops, we had straw in on the dirt floor. Every Summer I had to rake and scrape that mess out of there every few weeks and I would have a dust kicked up that looked like a tornado coming through. So, rest assured, I'm still living and never sick. Also, my 3 year old has her head all up in it too when we are out there working, and she is wild as usual.
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    Jun 22, 2008
    You can also lessen the risk of exposure by wetting the area so no dust is raised. Just use a spray bottle and lightly mist as you work.
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    Jan 27, 2007
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    Always wear a mask when cleaning chicken coops.

    My cousin saw me in a mask and asked if I was trying to protect myself from Avian Influenza. I said no, I don't like to inhale dust and chicken poo dust. Tell your neighbor the same. Any type of dust is not good to breathe.

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