History Channel buffs, help me decide!

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    Okay, despite having taken both American and European history honors classes in high school I'm not much of a history buff. However I have been watching the History Channel's Battle 360 series on the USS Enterprise (the original one, not the current one) with my SO and have enjoyed it very much. The way the subject is presented is what makes it so enjoyable. When I found out last night that the entire series was available on DVD, I knew I wanted to get it for my Dad for Father's Day. When I went to the History Channel's website I found I have a choice to make. The Battle 360 set won't be available until the end of July...making it too late for Father's Day; but I could tell him it's on its way OR They have available right now a 2 DVD set on the "Silent Service" (aka submarines), but not in the Battle 360 format. My Dad was a submariner for 20 years in the Navy and fought in WWII.
    I know he would enjoy both sets, but I think he would enjoy the Battle 360 set more; even though it's main focus is the USS Enterprise. The 360 set is the same price as the Silent Service one, but it's four DVDs, instead of the two in the other.
    Did you watch them? Which did you enjoy more?

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