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Jan 14, 2012
The Lost Rose Forest
Ok so if you don't do The Lost Rose Forest then you won't understand this.

Rosalie: Rose's Mother
Charles: Rose's Father
Erie: Rose's Sister (Light
Rene: Rose's Sister (Air
Rose: (Mind :Mostly Main Character
Darkus: Evil
Fire Nots: Evil

Rosalie sat looking at Erie, Rene, and Rose. "Charles what are we going to do Darkus is coming soon?" Rosalie asked. "We must hide them," Charles said. "We can't let them know their history when they get older they're only two weeks right now," Rosalie said. "We must cast the memory spell," Charles said. "The rose must stay with one," Rosalie said. Charles looked at the three and laid the rose on Rose. "I'll hold Darkus off go hide them," Charles said. "I love you," Rosalie said. "I love you too," Charles said. Rosalie and Charles and hugged then went off. Rosalie got on her horse and went to Light Cave. Rosalie grabbed Erie and put her behind a rock. Rosalie took a light stone and put it on Erie. Rosalie got on her horse and went to The Air Temple. Rosalie grabbed Rene and put her in a small burrow she found. Rosalie took out an Air necklace and put it on Rene. Rosalie got back on her horse and went to the Maru Forest. Rosalie grabbed Rose and laid her in a bush. Rosalie grabbed the rose and laid it with Rose. Rosalie got on her horse and left. All of a sudden a mother wolf came out of her den and heard crying. The mother wolf looked around and found Rose. The mother wolf looked around to see if anyone was there. The mother wolf grabbed Rose and the rose and left. The mother wolf carried Rose to The Lost Forest. The mother wolf laid Rose and the rose on a big stone. All of a sudden the stone started shaking. The mother wolf stepped back. The stone started glowing and shaking. The stone took power from the Rose and Rose and combined the life energy. The rose stayed and grew in with the stone. As for Rose the rightful place came to be as the lost rose forest for her power. Rose's power comes from the rose that grows in the stone. The mother wolf stayed with Rose ever since. As for Rosalie and Charles they died from getting killed by Darkus. Rosalie and Charles made a plan to combine the powers of Erie, Rene, and Rose to defeat Darkus. The plan never worked because Rose was moved from the place she was supposed to be. Erie and Rene died because Darkus found them and killed them. Darkus found out about Rose and got as many Allies as he can. Rose is trying to find allies as must as she can as well. Rose found Resen (The Lion) When she was out hunting and she stumbled upon Firenots. Rose was just about to die when Resen came and saved her. Rose met Knight (the hawk) when she was off hunting for food when she found Knight wounded and she took him in and saved him. Rose now lives in peace with her friends who've joined her side. Darkus still wanders plotting to take over and destroy Rose and her friends.

Rose stays true for who she is. Rose is independent at times. Rose is Calm and Wise at most times.

Rose is hunting for the items her mother laid by her sisters finding that she can use the items to defeat Darkus. The items are said to be lost and hidden. Rose can use light energy beams and air swifts because parts of her powers come from Erie and Rene.

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