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Aug 15, 2016
hi, im roy, im new here and have actually read a lot of forums here before i became a member. i purchased my 5 RIR this past march and recently just finished building a coop. actually its a 8x8 shed with 2 sliding windows and a storm door with the little doggie door on it. all i have left to do is the siding.

i do have a few questions. first is about the little doggies door. i took the rubber flap off thinking the chickens wouldnt beable to push through it... would they beable to figure it out and push through it?

i have yet to have chickens a full winter. i live out in the country pretty much in the open and it does get fairly windy out there. i panned on keeping my side windows (24x24") closed along with the window on my storm door closed for winter. seeing they need ventilation im kind of worried about keeping them shut. my roof is vented though on each end. i just made a slanted roof with treated 2x4 with probably about a 6"or more of overhang on each side. otherwise its a pretty simple set up. 8x8 with 2 windows and a storm door. i have all other essentials like roost water food ect. how does this sound?
Welcome! pictures will help a lot here. Ventilation and predator protection are both VERY important! aart has very good articles on his site to help about ventilation, so look there. Mary
ill try to remember to get some pictures and post them. I've read many articles on ventilation, i just want to make sure i have enough.

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