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    Aug 7, 2013
    Yesterday was the second time I've had an enterprising hen jump into the bed of my parked truck and hitch a ride into town with me.

    First time we went over 30 miles, much of it @ 75mph. Eating my breakfast, I hear people laughing and pointing, so I look out the diner window and see one of my girls pacing on the truck's toolbox. Much to the delightful entertainment of other diner patrons, who thought it much more interesting to watch than help, I managed to snag her before she jumped off and ran into traffic.

    Yesterday it was my smallest, fastest, most fearful and hardest to catch bantam hen.

    Came out of my brother's house after supper, and see her perched on the tailgate, squawking like mad and soaking wet from the rain. I first assumed I had just donated a chicken to my brother's yuppy suburban 'hood, but we somehow managed to corner her behind some trashcans and she was recovered. Pure luck!

    The first time I figured it was a real one-off fluke, but after yesterday I'll be trying to remember to peek in the bed before hauling off out the driveway.

    Anyone else have a similar experience?!

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    [​IMG]Wow! That's really something! So glad they were both okay. I guess you're going to have to check the truck bed before leaving he house now?! Good luck! [​IMG]

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