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  1. Mini Moe

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    Mar 21, 2013
    My name is Sandy and I recently, 1 week ago, purchased two baby Pekin ducklings from Tractor Supply and thought this would be a great place to get information about my babies. I've read a few threads on here that have addressed a few questions that I had, but i have 1 question that has not been answered to my knowledge. Everytime I pick-up one of my little darlings, it nips at my hands as if it were biting me and would like to know why its doing it. Oops....2nd question: Is there an arrangement that can be made, so the little ones stay dry at night? I have the little one's in a fairly big box, lined with plastic, newspaper and about 3 inches of pine shavings. During the evening they play so much in the water, they drained the water dispenser and have saturated most of the pine shavings. I would like to know if there is something I can purchase a piece of ducky furniture so they can get off the box floor to sleep?

    Im thrilled to have purchased these lttle ones and look forward to watching them grow! YEAH!
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    [​IMG] I've heard that ducks are messy. Maybe you could mount a rabbit waterer and teach them to use it, so they couldn't splash water. Have your visited the poultry forum - you could post directly to the section on ducks.
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    Greetings form Kansas, Mini Moe, and [​IMG]! Great to have you here. Having raised ducks before I can say with assurance that one of the best days I had with them was the day I moved them outside. Don't get me wrong - they were great - but the constant mess with the water was a pain. One thought I had was that if I ever raised them again I would do so on elevated brooder with a fine wire mesh bottom. I'd keep bedding in one end and food and water in the other - at least this way the spilled water (and other stuff) would fall through into some sort of catchment below. This I could easily rinse out. What I did end up doing was close but not as good. I partitioned off the brooder. Again, half had food and water but the other half was elevated 2" by virtue of a piece of 2" think planking laid in the bottom. On top of that was their bedding. They had to make the big 2" jump to get up to the bedding but it kept dry since it was above everything else. Of course I still had to contend with the constant watery mess in the other half of the brooder - which is just as fun as it sounds! But I made it though, so did they, and I'm sure glad I got them.
    You might visit the duck thread below for some of their ideas. Good luck to you!!

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    Hello and welcome to BYC [​IMG] Glad you joined us!
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    [​IMG]. Have you looked into a modified waterer for them? You can make one out of a milk jug that helps keep down the water mess. You can use a Rabbit waterer but they still have to have a dish of water deep enough to clear their nostrils. Plus they can choke if they don't have a deep enough dish to help them down the food. Ducklings nibbling is quite normal.
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    Mar 21, 2013
    Thanks eveyone for your advice and welcomes!
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    Mar 22, 2013
    Hello from frozen Montana!
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    [​IMG] Cheers from Ohio! [​IMG]Glad you could join us! [​IMG]

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    Welcome to BYC!! [​IMG] Glad you joined us!! [​IMG]

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