Hiya from Seattle, Washington!


8 Years
Sep 4, 2011
Seattle, WA
We are new to the chicken thing. We got our chicks at Easter after discussing it for about two years. It used to be that in Seattle we could only have three chickens and you could have more depending on the size of your lot. Now I've been told it's eight chickens! We have five (Amber White, Lace Wyandotte, Black Sex Link and two New Hampshires). They are hilarious. My kids (ages 11, 7 and 6) each have a chicken, and my mom and sister have one.

We have a huge backyard so we let the girls free range throughout the day. At first we were chasing them down to put them into the coop at night, but I convinced my mom to just let them go in by themselves. Sure enough, when the sun goes down, they are snuggled up in their little coop.

I have built a cage and I am getting tips on how to finish it in the coop construction forum. I have decided to add a plywood floor. The rest of the cage is hardware cloth built around a solid frame.

My next project is to build a compost bin. I figure with five chickens and a large yard, it's worth it to have at least three compost bins.

I'm really happy to have found Backyard Chickens and hope there are some other Seattleites here so we can share information and resources!

what's kickin' chicken

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Jan 23, 2011

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