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    Nov 23, 2012
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    Hiya i'm very new to chicken keeping. One of my kiddies love chickens so much that I took the plunge and got some around May this yr. I've always wanted to be a self suffeicient person and with us growing our own food where we could it seemed logicial & fun. My son was so right wanting get our lil ladies; we love them to bits. They might be cheeky by getting into the neighbors gardens to eat his crops or the other neighbor's(to find tastey bugs) with our poodle following them under the hedges but we still love them lol. Since I got our girls two friends of mine have also thought about getting chickens. 1 of them is building her coop now :) but i would still like to connect to a greater amount of people so i can get lots of knowledge and some good ideas. Like how do i stop my chickens from going into the neighbors' gardens when there is a hedge & they keep digging under different parts to find out other ways. they are so clever & sneaky lol
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    Hi, welcome to BYC from Wisconsin USA.....glad u joined[​IMG][​IMG]

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