Hiya from Western MA!


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Mar 25, 2019
Hello folks!
My husband and I just bought a small farm in western-ish Massachusetts. We've been raising hens for eggs (and fun!) for the last 8 years. One of our original girls is still with us and she still lays about 5 eggs a week! Cinnamon is a wonderful old girl :)
We have had ducks in the past, but are hoping to get a handful of Muscovies this year to raise with our Cotton Patch goslings. I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am about having geese! They are due to hatch in late April, and I am just counting the days!
Other than poultry, we have cats and a few house rabbits. My daughter is in 4H and will be showing Silkies this year, as well as her Netherland Dwarf bunny. It's going to be an exciting year on the farm, and I am looking forward to learning, sharing, and laughing with the BYC community!

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