Hiya I'm new!


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Jun 12, 2010
New Mexico(yes its in the USA)
Hi everyone,
I am Chickenpeople..yeah that sounds funny xD We(as in me and my family) have four chickens. two red stars and one Black Anoca(er however u spell that) And the other is a White Rock. We first got our chickens from my mom reading on a website that they were $2.00. Now the red stars are 16 months there named are Miley and Torchick. The Black Anoca and the White Rock are 2 weeks old. We first got the white rock(Pecky) on Friday hoping that Miley and Torchick would "adopt" Her sadly they at first ignored her and Pecky just sat in the egg box(hope she doesn't become broody) Then we put her out in the whole coop Miley and torchick were pecking at her and we took pecky out and put her in the pen we put Miley and Torchick in when they were chicks. She was really loud and lonley. So we decided to get the Black Anoca (Pedro) My brother named her that even though she's a hen(Hopfully!) So yeah (thats my saying along with hee hee hee hee hee snorf xD) guess thats it. Have a Chicktastic day!


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May 22, 2009
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chicktastic welcomes! I hope it works out for the newbies! this is fun, this chicken stuff. I sat on the deck a bit ago and had a few boiled eggs with salt and pepper, and I thought, 'I am so glad I have chickens.'
I am glad you joined!

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