Hmmmm....sexing percentage- what's your track record?(Chick pics!)


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Hey everyone!

I'm curious. I know that the sexing percentage for most sexed chicks is anywhere fro 90-95%. That leads me to ask everyone what their personal experience is in this area? Have you gotten orders from hatcheries/feed stores/etc that were supposed to be pullets and you found a rooster or two in the mix? I have 19 chicks combined now (learning chicken math....12 from hatchery/3 from feed store/4 more from another feed store) and all should be pullets but I am assuming that I'm going to get a rooster somewhere in there. =-)

Tell me about -your- experiences....

Also, here are some cute chick pics for you all to enjoy!

Yes...this chick is sleeping on it's head. =-) Cutest thing I've ever seen.


They -love- their stuffed lion! I took it out to wash it and when it went back in, they swarmed it!

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I ordered from Marti poultry last year.I bought a lot of different breeds. Some only were sold as SR. The breeds that I was able to buy as pullets, the sexing was 100% correct. How lucky is that! Or talent.
Oh, that was an 80 chick order.
I ordered two batches of chicks in 2009 from McMurray of different breeds. I got about 70 chicks total, and their sexing accuracy was 100%!

My neighbors have ordered from Cackle a few times, and each time one or two of their birds was incorrectly sexed (out of an order of about 25 chicks).
I ordered from Cackle last year, 15 birds. One of the 5 EE's turned out to be a rooster but they threw in a extra BR Pullet so in the end I got my 15 Pullets.
one of our batches from hoover in iowa had 1 screw up because the one roo turned out to be a hen so we get more for our money

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