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Tim, out of curiosity, if a RIR rooster over a Silver Laced Wyandotte gives a Red Sex Link, why would a RIR rooster over a Silver Laced Polish not give a Red Sex Link? Is there something special about the Polish?


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Quote:Polish are birchen at the E locus. The chicks are black backed and show non-black on the face; the color may only show on the chin in some birds. The colors on the face are not reliable. White faced chicks are sometimes females.

I believe birchen based birds can be used in a red sex linked cross but the females would have to be genetically breed to do so. A person would have to synthesize a black tailed white variety ( columbian and dark brown restricted)and use a buff or ginger male ( wheaten columbian and dark brown restricted).

This is a wheaten/ birchen female- I believe a birchen female,( I am working on that ) would look similar to this female but have more black in the tail and wings. But then homozygous birchen could be like the female- I will have to wait and see. The female does not have dominant white in her.

The male part would look similar to this

These birds are some of my breeders for my Missouri Topknots. I am still working on the different varieties.

Wyandotes are brown at the E locus. This is not the best locus to use as the female side of the cross but much better than birchen. Wheaten on wheaten is the best.

You can use birchen in a black sex linked cross- as long as the parental male and female have the correct genotypes.

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If it works with a silver laced wyandottexRIR why wouldn't it work with a silver laced polish??

woops didnt read the above post!:p
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Forgot the fact that you asked about Black Sex links, then no, you won't get blacks.

They will still be sex-linked though.

tadkerson, aren't you getting it the other way around?
The male will be yellowish and red, not solid red and black. The female is the one with mostly brown/red and black color.

This here is a Birchen/Wheaten female, gold, like yours will be, and half Polish, like yours will be.
This is very very similar to how yours will end up looking.

The males will look similar but will be black, white, yellow, and red.

The females will be born looking like a chocolate brownie colored chick, the males will be born more of a silvery whitish gray and black looking chick.


Crazy for Colors
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Oct 19, 2009
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Day old and week old.

This is what the girls will look like. Since I haven't done any sex-linked ones yet, I can't show you exactly what the boys will look like. They will be a little lighter and less colorful (brown) than these though.

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