Ho boy!

Rusty Hills Farm

13 Years
Apr 3, 2008
Up at the barn
I have a new flock of RIRs--a rooster and 9 pullets almost at the point of lay. Tonight as I was putting everyone up for the night, I took a quick peak into the nest box (even tho I haven't heard any egg songs yet.) I was expecting to see 3 pairs of plastic eggs marking the nests and instead found ... nothing. No sign of my corny bright pink and yellow and blue eggs. On closer inspection I found the girls had rolled them out of the nest box and hidden them around inside the coop, burying them under the shavings.

I think I'm insulted. LOLOL. Rejected! Humph. So I dug them out and put them back in the nests. ;) Can't wait to see what happens next!


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