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  1. gian

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    Mar 20, 2013
    Is there anything one can do to have chickens in a hoa
  2. HOA board members are like, well..........I'll get into trouble if I spell it out. Board members sure like to control every thing they can in the bylaws.

    Good luck with em though!
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    Sep 23, 2010
    Yes. Don't buy a piece of property with an HOA. I dont know of one person that has been successful changing a rule, regarding any kind or size of animal. An HOA takes property off my list.
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  4. Sonoran Silkies

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    Personally I resent the broad swipe of denegration of HOA board members. By and large they are greatly interested in their community and devote hundreds of unpaid hours to its betterment. The only HOAs you hear about are the tiny percent that are out of control. You do not hear about the vast majority where the members are quite happy. That said, no one is forced to live in an HOA. Before purchasing a home that is governed by an HOA, make sure to read the legal documents and understand them. If you do not want to abide by them, do not complete the purchase. Simple as that. There ARE HOAs that allow animals. I happen to live in one, and there are others nearby. We THRIVE on our "little piece of the country" in the middle of suburbia. If anyone tried to take away our animals, I am absolutely certain that they would have 90+% of the homeowners show up to say "NO WAY!"

    And yes, I HAVE successfully changed our CC&Rs and Bylaws. TWICE. Once participating in a re-write committee, and once as a board member wanting to update them predominantly do bring them up to date with city code and state statute changes. However, it is not something one person can do without the support and votes of the community.
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    Likewise for me.

    I don't need busybodies trying to tell me what I can and can't do with my own land. There's no level of government that can rightfully exercise control over one's landscaping, lawnmowing, choice of house paint, etc.

    Heath and safety in re: santitation, yes. Nuisance issues in re: odor and noise, yes. But the minutia of daily life, NO!
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  7. realsis

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    Jan 17, 2013
    when looking for our house last year one of our requirements was NO HOA! sorry but if you like people telling you what color you can and can't paint your house then that's all good but my husband and I sure don't want to live that way. around here in California HOAs can be pretty controlling! personally I don't want no part of that!! its a choice. I'm so glad I don't live in a hoa if your trying to get around HOA rules good luck to you!
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    yes, but it a CHOICE some people preferre it some don't and some are not smart enough to ask or "read the fine print" so that's what it boils down to. I live on a non-HOA lot, own another next door that's vacant but my next door nieghbor and the homes across the street are, so while they can't own farm animals I can run a hog operation within a few yards of their open windows, their loss for not finding out before hand that all the lots where not in the HOA. But in reality why would you move 10 miles outside of 2 cities in the middle of the country and not want/expect farm animals possibly being next door I have no idea.
  9. punk-a-doodle

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    Apr 15, 2011
    I'm house hunting. When I come across an HOA property, it goes straight into the trash for this and many reasons. It is my only absolute, across-the-board deal breaker for a home.

    But, for those who fall under an HOA, best of luck to you in changing the laws...or better yet, in moving/convincing their parents to move. ;) Whatever you do, I wish you much luck in your quest for chickens Gian!
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