Hoarder Show Chickens need homes

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    The chickens in the show were confiscated and now need homes!! just got this email

    20 January 2011

    Rescued Roosters Need Homes!
    Animal Place Needs Your Help . . . "Dear Friends,

    "In September of 2010, Animal Place's Rescue Ranch, in Spring Valley, California, took in 140 chickens from a hoarding situation featured on Animal Planet's show "Confessions: Animal Hoarding". We were promised a small amount of air time, including our name and that the roosters were available for adoption. The show aired earlier this month…without any mention of Animal Place! Our hopes of finally finding homes for the 50+ remaining roosters dwindled, as we were really relying on that national attention.

    "But ever the optimists, Animal Place has not given up. These roosters deserve permanent, loving homes, and we'll find them that! The roosters are 1-3 years of age. They are currently housed all together and get along.

    "We recently took in 200 hens from two different egg farms, ranging in age from a year old to three.

    "Animal Place is offering a unique incentive to get these roosters home…adopt one rooster, and take home three hens as well! If someone wishes to adopt 5 or more roosters, we will arrange transport across the country. We only need approximately ten adopters to start our chicken caravan across the country!

    "For adoption information, please visit the Animal Place website: http://animalplace.org/available_poultry.html or call 530-798-5114 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 530-798-5114 end_of_the_skype_highlighting. Pictures of the birds are available upon request…please help us help them find permanent barnyard homes!"


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    They're running this show again tonight at 9 PM EST. Too bad this, or at least the name of Animal Place, wasn't part of the show.
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    Yes, I'm the adoption coordinator for Animal Place. We were rather upset that Animal Planet didn't even mention or acknowledge us at all, after we went and captured all of the chickens, have cared for them for months, found many of the birds homes, and are still seeking homes for many of the birds. Thank you for spreading the word!

    Anyone who is interested in adopting either some of these great roosters from Peter, or some of the very healthy former laying hens we rescued, can go to our site and fill out an adoption application! http://www.animalplace.org/ then go to Rescue Ranch, then Adoption, and click Poe the black rooster to get to the form.

    Anyone wanting to adopt can always PM me if you have questions. [​IMG]
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