10 Years
Mar 10, 2009
My bantam rooster, Ollie, is almost 2, and a delight. Who knew chickens were so charming? Found your site looking for information on hoarseness...his crow, which was so musical, has been petering out lately, without overuse as far as I know. Any similar observations and solutions would be very welcome!


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11 Years
Aug 25, 2008
I had a 2 year old roo who lost his "voice". After a week and a half, I called the vet, who does treat birds, but is a long ways off, and he said start him on Teramycin powder from the feed store right away. I did put the Teramycin in his water, but after 2 weeks of it, he died anyway, being too debilitated to recover. He was eating, but too sick to heal.

I would suggest starting some kind of antibiotic immediately, quarantining him from other birds and a fast visit to a vet who treats birds, if you can.

I miss Comet still, and it's been over a year. Please take action fast, and let me know how it goes. Good luck!

BTW, that's the same thing that got me to BYC! Welcome- I now hatch my own chickens, this place is truly addicting!

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