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Hobbit/Lord Of The Rings RP

Discussion in 'Games, Jokes, and Fun!' started by roostersandhens, Dec 16, 2013.

  1. Once, in a hole their lived a hobbit. Not a dirty, rotten wet hole, a hobbit hole. Nothing unexpected ever happened. He thought..
    Welcome to the Lord of The Rings/Hobbit RP!
    Creatures you can be:
    Wizard - only few wizards that you can be example: Radagast or Gandalf the Gray!
    1 Person can be a dragon named Smaug
    If you think of more creatures PM me please!

    Please, if you can find a character from the movie that you would like to be!

    All BYC rules apply
    No fighting
    Be nice
    Don't control other's character
    What I say goes
    If you break a rule too much I will have to no longer let you post on this thread

    Name: Radagast
    Creature: Wizard
    Lives: In the forest middle earth
    Gender: boy
    username: roostersandhens

    Name: Bilbo
    Creature: Hobbit
    Lives: A hobbit hole :)
    Gender: Boy
    Username: roostersandhens

    Name: Tauriel
    Creature: Elf
    Gender: Girl
    Lives: The elf kingdom
    Username: roostersandhens

    We will start Rping when enough people join!
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2013

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