Hodges Farms chick orders for 2011

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    Hodges Farms taking chick orders for 2011...email us at [email protected] or visit our website at hodgesfarmschicks.com.....Please do not click the buy it now...contact us or visit us at our website...We accept debit/credit cards, paypal and postal money orders as payment...All of this can be completed on the website.....Chicken breeds we have are...Silver Sussex/spilt light sussex, Light Sussex, Coronation/light sussex spilt, Buff Sussex, Red Sussex, Lavender Orpington, Lemon blue Cochin, Blue Cochin, Blue Copper Marans, Black Copper Marans, Wheaten Marans, Blue Ameraucana, Wheaten/Blue Wheaten Ameraucana, Bantam Barnevelder, Blue Laced Red Wyandotte, Buckeye...Duck Breeds....Snowy Call Ducks, Snowy Mallard Ducks, and Manadrin Ducks...Peafowl...Contact us through our website hodgesfarmschicks.com or at [email protected]
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