Hola From Florida


8 Years
Mar 8, 2011
So I've been lurking these forums for a bit now and thought I might as well join.

Little bit about myself grew up in the Tampa Bay now live in JAX for college. I am a secondary education major. :C I am only allowed a 10 Gal fish tank in my dorm that houses my Betta. Besides tearing through these forums looking to learn every little thing about anything I enjoy Aircooled VWs, Longboarding (skate not surf), Rat Rods, Music (Punk,Ska,Metal, and misc.) candle light dinners and long walks on the beach.

As chickens go I had 2 Rhode Island Reds, an Ameraucana, what I think was a Plymouth Rock, and maybe one or two others I can't remember. I got the 2 Rhode Island Reds for Easter one year from the local feed store and then helped build a coop with my family in our backyard. The reason I used past tense HAD was due to a bad neighbor and county workers (HOORAY for deed restricted neighborhoods.......). However as soon as I can I'm going to try my hand at Button Quail.

Well that is me I hope I can learn a lot from everyone here and maybe pass some knowledge on too.

ETA: I would try the quail forum bunch of helpful people there
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I've been lurking the quail forum much more than any other I know someone here in No. FLo. is selling some Texas A&Ms and Tuxedo hatching eggs but I wanna start small and then maybe move up to the Coturnix

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