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Dec 21, 2015
Hello! I made this thread so you can share your experiences with Holderead Farms! Feel free to post photos as well. Looking forward to your posts.:)


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Mar 27, 2012
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Holderread Farm is great. I ordered from them for the first time last year and was really pleased. I split an order with a friend who wanted saxonies and I got some Welsh Harlequins. We both ordered their top show quality. She was hoping for mostly drakes and I wanted mostly ducks, but unfortunately it ended up the reverse of that :rolleyes: That's okay though, they were all nice and healthy, although my two females did end up passing away, but I think that was due to shipping stress more than anything - they came from California all the way to Vermont, so a long trip! But the two drakes I kept are gorgeous and I will be getting them some girlfriends in the spring!

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