Holderread magpies, 1 yr old, 3 black hens, 1 blue drake


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Jul 30, 2009
Charlotte, NC Area
These are stunningly beautiful birds, perfect as ornamentals on a pond or in your backyard. And they're famous! Some of them are featured in the article I wrote for Grit magazine, which is available online here: Raising Ducks (click on "Image gallery" on the front page to see all the photos).

Here is the drake:


Various poses of the hens:



And together with some runners they were raised with:


They were hatched last year and currently slightly over one year old. The girls laid lots of eggs this spring (every single day for three or four months), but stopped when it got hot. They have not started laying again this fall (yet?). If bred together, they should produce both blue and black babies.

All four beautiful birds are offered together for $60. They must stay together and must go to a good home. Basic care expected includes adequate shelter, high quality food, access to bathing water (a kiddie pool is fine), and protection from predators. Free range during the day is great, or at least plenty of room to stretch their legs. Please include a description of the life they can expect along with your request and any questions you may have.

Pick-up only in Charlotte, NC near Hwy 485 between Hwy 85 and Hwy 77 (convenient to all three Interstates).

TRADE CONSIDERED: I would consider a partial trade if you have one or two good muscovy pullets (young girls only) OR a pair, trio, or quad of silkies.
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Apr 28, 2011
I wish I lived closer and had money/room, they wouod be mine otherwise lol. And I dont have my big pen made so no more can come in till then

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