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    Jan 12, 2017
    Im in the bay area in CA, and am looking to sell a male gosling, nearly 2 weeks old. Im very sure he can still imprint. He has the most pure personality. He loves shoes but theyre on the other end of the house, so he tentatively walks there, gets spooked, comes back, and waits for us to come with him. He never really strays far from us, and he is very attached. We pick him up and and hold him a couple times a day because he really loves that. We always feel bad because we don't have enough time for him, and the slightest move you make will make him run under your feet because he wants to stay close. Even then, his calls are the quietest and is very well behaved, if we go somewhere where he can't see he calls for us, enough for us to hear but not enough to make the walls vibrate. He is a little on the small side but im sure he'll catch up. We're looking for someone who has some goslings that are able to accept his personality, or at least someone who will treat him as a pet and let him live a healthy long life. Absolutely not for eating please.

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