Hole in 2.5 month old chickens neck?!


Jul 19, 2015
Ocean City, Maryland
I have 2, 2.5 month old GL Wyandotte pullets. One, has no feathers in a section of her neck. She usually doesn't get picked on by the other one though. Is she molting. I just noticed it today and it rained really hard which just made her look even more grim. Help! Pictures will follow
It is hard to see your pictures, but I believe I see new feathers coming in? You say they are 2.5 months old? Chicks molt about 7 times before they get their adult feathers in. So they are both going to be molting and have bald spots in their bodies until they are of laying age. Necks are thin to begin with, so this is a common place to see big areas of bald.

Take a close look at the skin. You should see pin feathers coming in. The feathers will look like actual pins. That is the feather with a protective skin on it. This is normal.

As long as you don't see any injury to the skin, as in aggression from the other bird, then she is probably going through all these molts and will look a bit gangly for a few months until she reaches laying age.

Let us know if there is more to this if you think it is not molting! :)

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