Hole in chest??


9 Years
Nov 5, 2010
Dallas, Ga.
So, I've got 5 ducks..... what's one more!!!
A lady called my step son and asked if we could take in her little duck.
Another victim of Easter ducks.
Anyway, he's a small drake, same age as my other ducks, but he came to us severely malnourished and under developed from the other ducks. He still had baby fuzz and didn't have all his feathers.
Two weeks later, he's feathered out, fitting in with the flock just fine and eating like a little piggy.
My concern is you can LITERALLY see his chest going in and out as he breathes.
It almost looks like he has a hole in his chest bone as if maybe it didn't develop properly due to not being fed properly the first 8 weeks of his little life.
As I said, he's doing good, fitting in well, eating well, just don't know if this is something I should be concerned about long term.

Here's a picture from the first day he arrived.
That's him in the middle cleaning himself.
His name is Ming Ming, and not only was he malnourished and under developed, he was filthy!!
They had been keeping him in a bathtub.
Not the best picture of him, but right in the middle of his chest, when he breathes you can see it open and close up (under the skin of course).
Does he just need to put on some more weight? Or like I said, is it possible he didn't develop his chest bone properly?

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In this picture I took at dinner time tonight, you can see the hole I'm talking about.
As he breaths, it literally looks like it opens and closes.
Or needs to fatten up more?

It may be due to his previous improper diet. As he fattens up it should be less noticeable

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