Holiday give away of limited edition chicken prints!

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    I have finally got my head on strait and cleaned up the mess from being robbed. Though life has been getting me down lately I still have the holiday cheer! I am giving away FOUR museum quality prints of my illustration of the ideal wyandotte heads! They are slightly different from the picture below. There is no text, no boarder down the middle, and there is a 1" boarder around the edges for easier framing. Besides those slight changes these are the exact pieces you will receive! The prints are 11" x 17" on acid free, german etched paper, lasts 105 years without fading! Remember these are museum quality, only the best for you guys! These will also be special 2013 holiday editions signed by me. No more will be printed of this edition!

    All you have to do to enter is type "Enter Me" in the comments below.You can also go to and enter through there. I will draw a name on Dec 18th at about 6:00pm. Any entries after that time will not be entered. I will video tape the drawings and post them shortly after.

    Also this is open to anyone around the world since these are prints and not live chickens :eek:)

    Best of luck to everyone!

    ** Due to the print center changing colors with out telling me I will personally be touching them up with ink, colored pencil, and water color making them even more unique.

    This is the piece being given away of my interpretation of the ideal male/female silver laced wyandotte.
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  2. sounds fun! Enter Me
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    May 31, 2013
    Enter me! :D
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    Mar 31, 2013
    Cool!!! Enter me! :D
  5. me too[​IMG]
  6. Can't wait to see who wins!
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  7. does one person win all the paintings????
  8. I was wondering that but I think she/he is drawing 4 names and each person gets one?
  10. She/He has people entering through Facebook too. So more than 4 people! She/he has like 30 people who entered through facebook!
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