Holiday Spirit & good will eggs Story!

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    Aug 12, 2008
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    I'd made a post a short time back mentioning my desire to try hatching some sex link eggs. I'd wanted to have some good laying hens right from the get go..... and give the roos to a friend of mine upstate where they can free range her farm.
    A VERY nice member here (We'd never even spoke before)eventually read my post. She pm'd me and said she had a local man who sells black sex link eggs. She was traveling to go buy some for herself the next day.....and offered to hook me up me up him if possible. Just for eggs.........I hear ya all snickering......

    Long story short he doesn't ship.

    She then goes & sends me a box of her eggs! [​IMG]

    In the true spirit of paying it forward ....I hope you all either experience or give... an unexpected "nice gesture" this week to someone you don't know.
    It was such a nice thing to do for me and I won't forget it.
    I won't mention any names to protect the innocent.
    You know who you are![​IMG]

    Thanks for making me do the chicken dance![​IMG]

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