Holly Hill, FL (Daytona) Chickens?

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    Apr 12, 2017
    Hello Everyone,

    I saw this post while searching for information to help me with our new chicken, and decided to sign up so I could ask some questions. This post was from 4 years ago, and so I figured no one posts on that thread any longer.

    I live in Holly Hill, FL, and my neighbor-friend had many chickens and the neighbor directly next to her wasn't happy about it at all and often became violent toward the chickens on the fence or if they got out of my friend-neighbor's yard. Of course, after numerous altercations, a murdered chicken, the unhappy neighbor abusing other chickens that got out, and so on, CODE Enforcement was called by the upset neighbor, and my neighbor-friend was told she could "only have 1 chicken. Or Maybe TWO? Or the number might be changing soon..." It was very vague, the county guy did not seem to really know what was the accurate ruling, but due to the unhappy neighbor, the outcome was that she had to get rid of all but one chicken for now.

    So...all of the neighbors surrounding my neighbor-friend (except the irate one) accepted a chicken to place in our front yards so that she would not lose her babies and still have access to them daily. Long story short (or maybe it wasn't so short)...we now have a chicken, and I'm trying to learn more to know what to do and what my rights are in Volusia County.

    The post I attached earlier was from 4 years ago, but the information was on the track that I am looking for to help me know what to do for my area. Is there anyone from this same area who might be able to assist me with some of these questions?

    • Who do I contact to find out 'how many' chickens we really can have?
    • Who is in charge of making the decisions about chicken ownership in Volusia county?
    • How do we go about requesting changes to any current chicken laws for our area?
    • Are we allowed to have them in our front yards? [I would call us Chicken Street now. :) ]
    • What are some dangerous plants to be aware of in the Daytona/Holly Hill area that our sweet Penny (Penelope) might get into and be hurt by eating?
    • What are the predators to worry about in Volusia county?
    • Are there free classes or program or groups to get involved with in the area to learn more, share ideas, and encourage one another?

    Thanks for reading, and I hope to become as knowledgeable as you all one day!!


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