Holocaust Museum shooting ^update^ she wasn't there :)


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My dd left for DC Sunday night with her safety patrol trip. They went to the National Monument and Arlington National Cemetary yesterday. Today they were at the Holocaust Museum during the shooting. Thankfully they are all safe and accounted for. There are 13 charter buses full of kids from my county there. Each one has at least one police officer and a paramedic on it traveling with the group. I received an email from the group leader that everyone was safe and sound before I had even heard about it on the TV. I am so sorry for the security guard that was killed and thankful that none of our kids were hurt. I am sure I will hear about it tonight when I talked to her on the phone.
Now I just want her home so I can give her a hug!!!

UPDATE!! Heard from her group that they were not in the museum when this happened. I was so happy to hear this I could do a happy dance!!!
This is a picture of her from the day they arrived. She is the shortest (2nd from right)
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I haven't had the tv on nor do i get the paper... this just happened today? wow.

So very thankful that all the children are ok. It'd probably be a good idea to talk about feelings tonight. I'm sure it's traumatic even if they did not witness anything...they were still there and part of something big and traumatic.

So thankful your dd is okay! They're reporting it's an elderly American veteran gone racist.
Oh, how awful! I am so glad to ear that your daughter is safe. I didn't even know this had happened until I saw your post.
That is very sad. I am so thankful there were not more people injured. And I am thankful your daughter was not hurt.

Be prepared for many more of these things in the future. You can be assured this is just the beginning of sorrows.
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