Holy Cow, NOISY duckling!!


9 Years
Nov 1, 2010
I just brought home 2 super cute, day old, mallard ducklings from TSC and WOW....one of them has not shut up since I put it in the box! The other one hasn't made a peep. Did I luck out and get one boy and one girl...or is that just wishful thinking....
I'm not quite sure, because I only have 2 hens. Mine are very loud, but somtimes quiet down. One of them makes a few peeps sometimes, whille the other is going non stop, so it could just be that they are in the mood to peep?
Are they warm enough?? Constant peeping can be a sign that they are cold (and also hungry or thisty ) although I would be more inclined to think that if they were both peeping. Also even at such a young age- they can peep from loneliness when separated from a larger group.
I originally figured it was loneliness too. I bought 6 chicks (3 GLW 3 Cornsishx) and 2 ducks, the ducks were separated from the chicks on the way home. When I got home, I stuck them all in the same brooder temporarily because the farrier was on his way. So, an hour later I took the 2 ducks and 3 GLW and put them in their own brooder, have food, water, and appear to be plenty warm enough. I just went down and checked on them, and the one finally was quiet- they were all asleep under the heat lamp, 5 hours later!

I might stop complaining though, because these 2 appear to be the cleanest ducklings in town! When I put them in their brooder they all went in, ate some food, and drank their water without playing in it! I figured I would have to clean it at least 3 times a day, looks like I just got one free pass
LOL, don't worry...I was assuming the noisy one was the girl too. The chicks must have been getting tired of all the squawking too, they kept walking up to the duck and pecking it in the beak, like "Will you shut up already?!"
Try putting a small stuffed animal in with them. I used a stuffed penguin with long flippers. I used to have a pic of that penguin with a duckling peeking out from each flipper. Too cute.
It's possible that the louder one could be a female, while the quieter one could be a drake. Drakes have a quack that sounds like they are hoarse or like they have a cold.

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