Holy Mackrel Batman!!!!!!

Mr chicken dude

10 Years
Nov 7, 2009
So last night i go into the coop check for eggs the nesting boxes were empty and the chickens were just hoping up to roost so I locked them all up...Next morning I go out to the coop to make sure they have food and water and check for eggs no eggs...About midday I go out there's four eggs I collected all those then I come out about an hour later there's three more eggs I was then super surprised because I only have 6 hens and I haven't even gotten six from them all in one day before..So I just went out about twenty minutes ago and there WAS TWO MORE!!!!!!

Has anyone else had three hens lay twice in one day before????

I also gave them some treats as a thank you to them....

cool!! What kind of hens do you have?
We got them for free from a friend of ours,He didn't really know what they were But with all of my research they are bantam Americana's crossed with some breed that I have yet to figure out..... We have four that lay Green/blue eggs and two that lay brown eggs.

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