Holy Moly they are still going.....


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Mar 31, 2010
Marathon, Wi
Im afraid to go to sleep... 4 hatched about 3 hours ago, started yesterday at 9am. I have 6 eggs 2 that pipped, 1 that pipped and died. i went in to see what was going on, the white membrane looked very dry....I havent been going in, just once and I had the bathroom justa steaming. They are making noises!! and are alive, wrapped the remaining eggs in warm wash cloths and candled the other 2, beak is up in on and movement in the other and a pip at the wrong end in the other. Good Lord this is gonna be the end of me!! I upped the humidity a bit and am hoping for the best...

Thanks for listening to the rambling,



9 Years
May 25, 2010
I know that feeling .. its frustrating .. i usually hatch 60+ eggs at a time .. so I'll keep peeping in for three days

Last hatch was my BEST .. i added water .. made sure everything is fine .. locked the room for three days ..
it was amazing when I opened the door and saw 'em all hatched and dry

take pics for us please

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