Holy stink.!

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    I know it has been asked before but, what can you do about the smell? I change the bedding 2-3 times a week but the smell keeps getting worse. I talked to my local tractor supply guy about that PDZ stuff and he got kinda crappy with me. Saw on another post that someone uses it to control the stench. Just looking for a little bit of info because I'm new to the whole raising chicken thing Thanks in advance
  2. Brooding outdoors can help. Brooder must be big enough for the amount of chicks you have. The more space the less concentrated the poo & smell factors in. Wood chips 1". Deep should suffice. Consider location and brooder size.

    How old are your chicks? How many do you have and what is the size of your brooder?

    Hoping this is helpful.
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    People do indeed add Sweet PDZ to their pine shavings to help control odor and misture. A larger brooder always helps, too. Perhaps you can "add a room" with a shipping carton, as from a stove, etc.

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