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    Feb 8, 2017

    So I have one black silkie left after a bad incident a few months ago with some hawks, they are vicious here in Largo, FL... This chic has become more-or-less a house chic, she doesn't go outside except for when I am with her and the back porch has been converted into a play space for her. My Pittbull watches out for her now too since she has grown up a bit. She is now 6 months and follows me around everywhere when she is not sitting on my shoulder. Her social needs seem to be OK with the dog and our interaction, she is mimicking all the bird calls from the back yard and purs all the time. My question is what do I need to do for her to ensure her health, like if they are not running around the yard all the time, what harm does it cause a silkie?
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    Im not posative, but i dont think it causes any harm. As long as she has company ( you and your dog ) eats good and gets fresh air and exercise. I think everything will be fine.

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