Home body..... should I be concerned?


6 Years
May 31, 2013
Hello, I have 13 chickens, some of them are already laying eggs nicely. However, there is one chicken that always wants to be around me and the house. She is not hanging out with the rest.... is she sick?, is she just attached to us?, please help......
The odd ball, the one that marches to a different beat, the more chickens you have the more likely you'll have one of them. Nothing to worry about really, unless she is always under foot tripping you. She just a little bit different in her likes then the rest at the moment. I have one at the moment that if I'm anywhere around the coop when they are out she is always there, literally one foot away. don't know how many times I have kicked her by accident when I turn or move. and haven't seen her. When I sit down she'll hang with me and the cats and not go ranging. Can't pet her though she just hangs around.

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