home made bator... will my babies survive?


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Oct 6, 2009
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my banty hen abandoned nest on day 6. 10 eggs were left for about 6 hours with no heat. i put the eggs in a plastic tote with a 60 watt light bulb and a bowl of water. temperature stays between 99 and 102 F but i'm not sure if the humidity is right. 6 out of 10 eggs have lots of movement inside and i can't see in 4. 2 of which are weeping. i am buying a "real" incubator today or tomorow. will my babies survive and develop right?
I dont know much about incubating because I just started but if the temp is staying right I dont see why not

and the humidity should be ok to since people do dry incubation, But then again dont take my opinion seriously because I just started 3 days ago.
Hope all works well for you
Toss the weeping eggs, you do NOT want an explosion of bacteria laced egg goo everywhere. Yes they will probably survive if you can get temps steady from here on out. Yes, to an incubator over a box - it's easier to keep them steady. One with a fan if you can afford it, still air is a harder skill to learn for most people.

As long as it's not weeping and not smelly it's okay to keep the eggs you cannot see into....
First, throw out the ones that are weeping.

The plastic tote will work for a short time, but if these eggs have two weeks to go, then it would be really hard to monitor the temperature for that long without a thermostat.

If they were due to hatch in a few days, and you might be able to make it work.

If you are still seeing the embryos moving in the eggs, they may have a chance!
one of my eggs that has a live chick moving in it is weeping... is this a problem? i refuse to toss the egg as long as i can still see the chick moving when i candle it. it still should be ok... right?
A cold egg that has been brought to room temp or warmer may get condensation on it (like when eggs are brought out of a fridge, or brought in from the outside cold)- but this will stop after the egg is warm. If this liquid is seeping from the inside of the egg from a crack or pinprick/shell imperfection maybe sealing it with something like nail polish, or a breathable membrane like liquid bandage may help- other incubator experts please comment on this (I haven't done this). Candle the egg and look for cracks ect. If it is weeping due to increased internal pressure from a bacterial infection- they embroyo has next to no chance of survival, and you need to get rid of it before it contaminates the rest of your eggs. Rotten eggs explode in incubators, and will wipe out the rest of your eggs as well as make your incubator really messy and very hard to sterilize for any future incubation attempts.
well i tossed the 2 weeping eggs ao now i am down to 8 incubating... 6 that i know are fine so far and 2 that i still can't see through. i have used the high powered LED light and still the only thing i can see through the shell is the air sack. looking at it with the light kinda looks like a boiled egg if you were to candle one. not sure what is happening with these 2 eggs and it's kinda got me worried.
it will be hard for them, but just hope they can survive since we can't predict exactly which/ who will survive and which/who won't.

but since you'll get bator ASAP then just keep finger crossed.

good luck and godspeed

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