home made chicken lawn fertilizer?


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I was reading that organic lawn fertilizer is really good for the lawn. Any homemaid chicken poo fertilizer? I tryed some with horse poo but it didnt work very well.
I mix all my bedding, manure, coffee grounds, eggshells, leaves, etc into the compost pile and then use it after it has turned to compost. It works great in the garden. I haven't used it on the lawn, but I bet it would work fine.
You have to let manure - chicken or horse - compost before using it.
It is "hot" when fresh & will burn young plants before the urea breaks down into nitrogen.

Once you let the pile sit - six months or so - it turns into the most beautiful black, loamy compost you could ever want. A Master Gardener friend calls my pile Black Gold.

The only time I use fresh manure is in the Fall. Once all the plants have died back, I pile it on the flower & veggie beds to compost over the Winter.
In Spring it gets tilled in and grows things like CRAZY!

I know you are supposed to turn a compost pile, but I never do.
I just use a pitchfork to lift off the top layer and get to the Good Stuff beneath.
Then the top layer becomes the new bottom layer & the process stasrts over again.
This works for me as my compost is always full of earthworms & steams in the Spring.
There is also a layer of ash to show me how hot it got while breaking down.
It's all about how much you use over how much ground.

Chicken manure is the only fertilizer my yard gets. I keep most of my birds in chicken tractors which I move daily. This means they leave one day's worth of manure behind each time I move the tractors. In the warm season you can see a definite green trail where the tractors have passed over a week or two after the fact. Usually anyway. Hasn't rained in over two weeks so nothing is growing much right now.

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