home made Chrsitmas stockings


9 Years
Apr 2, 2010
Sullivan, IL
I really want to make stockings for the whole family this year. I have 5 that I made for the pets a few years ago that turned out really cute, but since my husband and I always went home for Christmas and got stockings at each of our parent's houses we have not actually had any of our own since we got married. And with a one year old in the house now I feel like it's time for us to all have our own stockings. My problem is narrowing down the design to one thing for some consistency of design because I like such a wide variety of styles! The pet stockings are red or green felt with a polyester "fur" cuff and little "puff balls" along the edge of the cuff with appliqued "snowpets" to represent each of them. They're cute, but I'm not sure if I want to do something similar for us or not. I've also considered getting some nice wool felt and maybe going with deeper colors like burgandy and pine instead of bright red and green. But then I see some really cute quilted designs too, which is something I could definitely do since a project as small as a stocking should be something I can finish in a reasonable amount of time (unlike the giant quilt I've been working at for the last 4 years). Anyone got any home-mades of their own they could post pictures of for inspiration? Or even just words of wisdom on picking out a theme/style?
I found an old quilt at a thrift shop or antique store, I can't remember now, (I pick up old quilts wherever I find them), that was frayed around the edges. I used it to make stockings for the whole family (8 of us). I cut out a traditional stocking shape and used unbleached muslin to cut out a back and sewed them together lickety split. Before I sewed them together and to make the stockings more personal, I embroidered each one with the initial of the person's first name (we don't have any repeats) in an old time-y script then used lace, old buttons and other cute stuff to embellish the girls stockings. The boys' stockings I embroidered part of the patch work to look like presents. At the top of each stocking I used a strip of UB muslin that I had used a stencil on to trace a pattern (angels, stars and Christmas trees) and embroidered then folded over to give it a very finished look. They ended up looking very Victorian.

I imagine depending on what you used you could create any type of theme you might want, Victorian or Old time-y suited us best.

Good luck! I hope you'll post whatever you end up making,


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