home made corn cracker.

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    here recently i've switched mt chickens over to cracked corn for the winter and i was wondering if anyone has ever heard of or made a home made corn cracker? I can buy whole corn from a local farmer for around $5 for 50 lbs but 50 lbs of cracked corn from tsc is around ten. If i could crack the corn myself i could get double for the same price. I have priced the store bought hand crank gristmills for around $195 and i'm not willing to pay that!!! any plans, suggestions, or links would be greatly appreciated.
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    Find an country auction that sells old stuff. We sell lots of that kind of stuff at ours. A good old corn grinder will run around $100 and up, but we sold one a few weeks ago that had all three burrs and only brought $35.00 because the stand was broken. It still worked and a good welder could have fixed the stand for a few bucks.
    Just an idea.. [​IMG]

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